the referee and Barcelona against Real Madrid.

Well it is easy for Pique to say that, I would have liked to see his attitude towards the beautiful game had Barcelona been on the receiving end of things. And since he had nothing else to talk about, Pique also attached a side note for everybody to ponder over.

Surprise surprise, he wants Fabregas to come to Barcelona as he thinks that he was made for Barcelonaandevenhisfamily was made for Barcelona. I want to ask something to Barcelona people. Who (apart from weird rumors about Real Madrid getting involved in Fabregas) is stopping you from buying Fabregas? For God’s sake just go out in the market and buy him.

But Barcelona cannot pay that much money or can they? So they will draw out Arsenal for at 2 more months until they let Fabregas go on the cheap.


Here is Gerard Pique’s interview:

“In the end football gives you back what you put in, and so they [Real Madrid] should talk less and focus on other things,” he told the press.

“We all know where the limit is. I don’t want that certain false accusations are repeated. None of us spoke about referees or this story. We have focused on the football, and everything else was left aside.”