Real Madrid rival player Gerard Pique

What's his problem (Photo By Freddy Monteiro)

So Barcelona are not just going to quit or are they. This just further strengthens the fact that Real Madrid just got ripped off the La Liga title and Champions League title in the season 2010-2011. Yeah, that is right.

Pique has not stopped bad wording Real Madrid even though the season has ended and all the players are either resting or are away on international duty. From the looks of it, Barcelona have still not gotten over the fights they had with Real Madrid in last seasons Champions league semi finals, Copa Del Ray finals and La Liga legs.

All were fascinating match ups and players from both teams had their tempers lost someplace we cannot really know of.

Since thenweRealMadridfans have been making accusations against Barcelona and Barcelona fans have been doing the same though there if from no to very little evidence of what Real Madrid did wrong in those matches.

Anyhow, without giving any sort of a context, Pique has just come out and said that Real Madrid should rather focus on football instead of complaining to sporting authorities about the atrocities committedby