knowntobeat6or7playerswithout making too much fuss like Ronaldo did or like Messi does ( with some help from Xavi, Iniesta, Daniel Alves, Pedro, Villa and before that Ronaldinho, Deco, Eto’o, Xavi and Iniesta)

  • Ronaldo at 22, 23 was had far superior physicaly fitness than Benzema. Benzema is not known to be a feline like Torres, Drogba or Torres are. They can run all day long. Benzema cannot. Period
  • There are many more things which Ronaldo had and Benzema (or anyone else for that matter) does not have. But there are things Benzema and many many other players were good at, even better than the great Ronaldo. These are:

    • Benzema has way way more discipline than Ronaldo ever had. He may not be a fit guy but he is a strong guy. Ronaldo was naturally a fit guy and that is why he was able to run at pace throughout the lengthofthefootballmatch but he was not that into training. Benzema is better than him in this regard.
    • Benzema probably has a better header too than the great Ronaldo but that is probably because the old Ronaldo did not feel the need to use the header (or the bicycle kick). He could do everything with his feet so much better than the rest, little bit like Lionel Messi. You cannot really blame Messi for having a bad header even though he does not have the height and neither the structure that the old Ronaldo had (but of course he did not use these to his advantage).
    • Benzema probably has the better attitude too. That may be because he is not as good as Ronaldo was at this age. Ronaldo had done everything there was to do in football at a very early age. I don’t know with what motivation he woke up in the morning to go to training when he was in his early 20s. He was so good and may be that was the reason of his quick downfall. He was so good, that he did not feel the need to improve and that is a disaster for any professional. This is where I think Benzema and especially C.Ronaldo will be much more better off than Ronaldo. Because C.Ronaldo and Benzema had to work hard for their skills and they know the value of hardwork.
    • Benzema’s movement off the ball is also I think potentially equal to that of Ronaldo’s. He can make some great runs this fella. He knows where to position himself in order to make space for his teammates and can also hold up the ball really well. The old Ronaldo was that good on holding the ball. He would just take the ball and started to beat the crap out of defenders.

    So this is why I think Benzema is not better than Ronaldo.