Real Madrid striker Benzema

He has some way to go before reaching Ronaldo (photo by Jan Solo)

Jerzy Dudek (Former Real Madrid goalkeeper) has said that Karim Benzema is good. He is so damn good that Dudek thinks that he is actually better than the old Ronaldo. Not the new one, but the old legend one.

Ronaldo is considered all over the world as one of the top 5 players of all time and has won 3 FIFA World Player Of The Year awards along with numerous other records. Benzema has not done any of that yet but Dudek thinks that Benzema is still better.

On what ground has he said that, Dudek has not even given a hint of that in his interview.

He said:

“When I first saw his first training session, I was impressed,” Dudek said in an interview with France Football.

“I told all my friends that Madrid had signed an extraordinary player. For me, he is even better than Ronaldo, the Brazilian. Karim has incredible qualities; he is fast and he is elusive, and he has an eye for goal.”

I could write a pretty long post about why Benzema or for that matter any forward ever (apart from Pele and Maradonna if we are considering them as forwards) was not better than Ronaldo, not even equal to him. Many were close but I do not think there was a player as gifted as Ronaldo was.

Messi is quite close now but he has to play somewhere else in order to prove his mettle. Which ofcourse he will not do for reasons I do not want to specify (I have yet to go through all the hate mail I am getting these days, when thats done then I ll talk about something which might offend some Barcelona fans).

So let usjustsummarizethecomparison between Benzema and Ronaldo then:

  • Ronaldo was very very fast. Very fast. Defenders ate his dust all the time. Nobody could even get close to him at his peak. Benzema is fast but just fast enough to be a world class striker. He is not in C.Ronaldo’s or Messi league even.
  • Ronaldo had a great shot in him. Benzema has that too but then again, Ronaldo’s was just unbelievable. He found some angle for scoring goals which many did not know before.
  • Ronaldo had a great control of the ball. Great touch. Benzema has good control but not great control. Messi and C.Ronaldo are better than Benzema in this regard so lets not even compare him to the real Ronaldo.
  • Ronaldo could rip a group of defenders anywhere on the pitch. Benzema cannot do that. He can beat one player or two, but he has never been