got to them.

They started to have problems with the coaches and the clubs and now look at them. How many people consider Robinho to be the next world player of the year. Who hear can name the club Quresma plays for (without looking up wikipedia) and how many people know Adriano’s current club right now. Wasted I say.

Anyway, Neymar was basically called up for a trial when RobinhowassignedandPerez was the president back then so may be that is why Real Madrid did not try to negotiate.

Back then the head of Real Madrid youth development said that Neymar was the most phenomenal player he had ever seen of his age. He looked like extra terrestrial even with kids 3 years older than him.

Now has come the time where Neymar has to move to Europe. Chelsea look set to sign him. I would like him to come to Real Madrid as he is young and can take on players with the skills I have not seen before Ronaldo and Messi. He is pretty expensive right now and that is the main problem with Neymar.

His club knows that every club in Europe wants Neymar. So obviously there is going to be a bidding war and Neymar is going to end up costing 50 to 60 million euros.