Brazillian forward Neymar

Brazillian wonder kid (photo by Hadjidj)

Another superb talent that could have played for Real Madrid. Still could play for Real Madrid but for a lot more money now. Neymar it has been revealed came to Real Madrid on a 10 day trial and impressed the coaching staff but some contract issues prevented Real Madrid to sign him.

And now he is the hottest player on the planet at 19 years of age. His agent says he is exactly like Lionel Messi. Ronaldo says that he is his successor. Ronaldo is pretty impressed with Neymar and says that as good as Neymar is, he has got ample amounts of improvement to do in his technique and physical built. That means that he could even before better thoughweallknowwhat happens to these kind of players.

If they do not work hard and get complacent just because some legend praises their potential, they end up having an average career. Robinho, Adriano and Quaresma are all players that could have been world beaters. They had immense talent and performed to sky high levels in their first couple of seasons with their respective clubs but thenego