more games to do it than Ronaldo did). Another reason could be because of the success of Barcelona, Real Madrid players will never be satisfied, at least for the next 5 years given Barcelona does not win a single major title in that period.

It could also be because, the top 3 players in the world accordingtoFIFAarefrom Barcelona. That is why I think Ronaldo himself is not satisfied with his current level of play. It may have given him some comfort that he scored so many goals, but I think his hunger for titles supersedes anything else.



Here is what he said

“I would prefer not to score as many goals and win more titles,”

About the whistling that he got in the Euro qualifiers against Norway, he said:

“I don’t listen to anything. I am happy for the result. Paulo Bento’s arrival has improved the team which is now solid, confident and mature and this is why we are first [in the group].”