Real Madrid's forward cristiano Ronaldo

He is not that selfish afterall (photo by Jan Solo)

Ronaldo is not a rude, overconfident and self centered crap winger that he used be in his Manchester United days. He is now at Real Madrid. Real Madrid is a huge club and Ronaldo knows how he should behave himself in front of the media when he is representing Real Madrid colors. May be that is something Mourinho has hammered into his brains, to think about the team and not just about ones ownself.

Ronaldo said the other day that he would gladly sacrifice his goals haul ifthatmeantRealMadrid would win more titles. Despite winning the Copa Del Ray, Real Madrid players did not look satisfied after they beat Barcelona to the cup. Part of the reason is that Barcelona won pretty much everything apart from the Copa Del Ray cup.

And also because Messi scored 53 goals too (though hetook