Emmanuel Adebayor

Is He Really Worth 20 Million (photo by Jan Solo)

Surprisingly, Real Madrid are interested in retaining the services of Emmanuel Adebayor. He was on loan with Real Madrid from Manchester City.

To be honest, he adjusted to Mourinho’s system rather well. I mean, arriving in January, who would have thought he would gel so well. I think part of the reason is his physical strength. He can handle himself with the big boys in Europe and La Liga.

So, he did get wrestled off the ball. He took his time and made his move. But far too often he missed sitters. Like the one against Barcelona in Copa Del Ray final, after brilliantly getting past Macherano late in the 2nd halfofextratime,he failed to score an easy finish.

Now that is ok if on the other side Ronaldo is scoring 54 goals a season with contributions from Benzema as well (26) but when the chips are down and lets say there is no Ronaldo, what would be the consequences of missing easy chances against big teams or even smaller stubborn teams? They could be fatal. Fatal for Mourinho’s reign