He is definitely staying put(Photo By Jan Solo)

First was his dad but now Higuain has himself stated that he would not be leaving Real Madrid because he is happy at Real Madrid. Jose Mourinho wants to have him on the team and everybody else in the club are extremely nice to him.

Now that we know that Pedro Leon is leaving us for sure despite wanting to stay at Real Madrid, there will probably be another 3 or 4 players leaving Real Madrid this summer. Mourinho has publicly stated his admiration for Coentrao which signals for his move. Aguero? I don’t know. I do not want him to be at Real Madridatthistime.He would end up on the bench and would waste his developing years here.

People are always going to write about Higuain leaving Real Madrid because you know, he was injured all season last year and this year as well. Mourinho is not known for rotating his players too much and with Benzema giving strong performances in the positionof