Spanish national Fabregas

Fabregas can go to Barcelona (photo by Wonker)

Papers say that Real Madrid want to hurt Barcelona by signing Cesc Fabregas. Fabregas, we all know started his career as a youth player playing for Barcelona. Moved to Arsenal and is widely believed to be still a Barcelona man.

If he ever leaves Arsenal, it would be for Barcelona and not for Real Madrid. But Real Madrid Director Sanchez has contacted Arsenal for the availability of Fabregas. Arsenal have no problems in selling Fabregas to everyone and anyone who is willing to put up with his price tag of 54 million.

That is a bit too much, but weshouldrememberthatReal Madrid payed like 40 million for Benzema as well. I don’t want Fabregas, simple as that. We are already overstocked in that position of the field and Fabregas would not bring anything to Real Madrid which Real Madrid do not already have.

Barcelona need him, Xavi is going to retire pretty soon so they would want Fabregas