has given the leadership role to Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid. At the back he has Carvalho to lead the defense and Pepe was the surprise weapon Mourinho used effectively against Barcelona in the 4 clasico’s this season.

May be Mourinho understands Portuguese players really well. May be they suit his system perfectly. By the looks of it, Mourinho admires the tactical discipline of Portuguese players and their ability to carry out instructions that are sometimes quite complex.

With that said, shelling out 20 million euros for a left back is quite lavish. Especially given the fact after Ronaldo, Marcelo was Real Madrid’s best player last season and he is a left back. Real Madrid have a rather strong left back and you would think that would be the last position Real Madrid would add strength too.

Coentrao is desperate to join Real Madrid. That can be observed by his interview in which he clearly said that he would play in any position for Jose Mourinho except in goal. That basically means that he wants Real Madrid and he wants Real Madrid bad.

Or may be Mourinho is planningsomethingdifferent altogether. May be he does not want Coentrao to play as a left back at all. If you look at coentrao’s game a little closely you would see that he rarely uses his right foot. While he has great speed, skill and stamina, one thing that is not so great about him is his right foot. Angel Di Maria is another player who does not have the best of right foots.

What does this lead to? Angel Di Maria formed a devastating partnership with a certain left back with his former club Benfica. This time you do get a prize for guessing that, that left back was none other than Coentrao. Same thing happened when Maria was signed. People said that Real Madrid already have Ronaldo so how can Maria play on the left. What did we see then? He did not play on the left, he played on the right.

Such a system which would allow Maria and Coentrao to link together again, would see Sergio Ramos play in the center of defense alongside Carvalho with Pepe being the alternative. Mourinho in all likelihood will also consider deploying Pepe as the midfield destroyer in big games. The 4 Clasico’s against Barcelona gave us enough proof of whether Pepe can flourish in that role.

We do not know for sure what Mourinho is thinking right now and what will be his decisions about Marcelo and Coentrao. Hell, we do not even know if Coentrao is coming to Real Madrid. But what we do know is that Mourinho is not afraid of benching world class players. Last season players such as Kaka, Benzema, Oezil, Higuain and Diarra were left out of the squad for extended periods of time and same thing could happen with Marcelo or Coentrao as well.

But what else is the choice for Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho. Real Madrid need to beat perhaps the best team of 11 players this world has ever seen. Perhaps Jose Mourinho thinks that he needs to have two world class players for every position. Every position. That idea could further be cemented in Mourinho’s mind by the destruction of BPL Champions Manchester United at the hands of Barcelona.

Playing the best left back in the world, for some, on the right may be weird way to go about beating Barcelona but if someone can beat Barcelona, then its not Real Madrid. It is Real Madrid lead by Jose Mourinho.