butheneedsbackupplayerswhoare just happy to sit it out for full seasons and not create havoc at the club.

Real Madrid already have Kaka, Gago, Pedro Leon (who will definitely leave Real Madrid this summer) and Grenaro in the midfield. And they cannot guarantee themselves a starting spot in Mourinho’s starting 11 so how can these 3 new players expect to get playing time?. Well I think Gago and Leon will not be playing at Real Madrid come the start of the next season.

Both will be sold I think. I do not think Gago is going to want to waste more time sitting on the bench at Real Madrid. I think he is a good enough player to get a starting spot in any other team except Barcelona and Real Madrid.

I think what we need to understand is that, last season theteamwas pretty much built from scratch. Mourinho was testing out every player. He gave some time to every player except for Leon. Gago played about 7 games and in some of them he came on as a substitute so virtually no playing time for him. Canales will definitely be offloaded to some other club with a buy back clause.

What is clear, is that Real Madrid have enough quality in this squad to over take Barcelona. We have much more physical players. Barcelona are light and good on the ball. That does not mean that Real Madrid needs to be the same in order to beat Barcelona.

I do agree that signing more and more mediocre players is going to create problems for everyone. Each player will get less playing minutes and that in turn would lead to unhappy individuals and generally a bad atmosphere inside the dressing room.

Real Madrid can easily overcome that by selling 3 or 4 players this summer. I think Real Madrid need one more major signing and that is of a center back. A strong and tall one. Prime candidate is obviously Terry. I like Alex as well.

So it should be pretty much clear that all of this does not affect Real Madrid in their quest to overtake Barcelona. Barcelona are good but are not unbeatable. There should be no doubt in the Real Madrid camp to the question of whether they can better Barcelona or not.

So what do you guys think? Do the 3 signings made by Jose Mourinho make any sense to you? Do you think he has some sort of a plan in regards to managing the new players that are coming to Real Madrid?