White football

Barcelona have won the Champions League and the league. How many times will I be made to admit this especially by Goal.com’s editorial team. This is a reaction to the post made by one of their authors which basically said that Real Madrid will not be able to catch Barcelona with the current squad and the current signings which Real Madrid have made so far this season.

I say, Real Madrid does not need to catch Barcelona. Real Madrid is good enough already, though Real Madrid are good in a different way. If the author of that post meant, that Real Madrid need to catch Barcelona in terms of generally play and style, then yes, then I admit that Real Madrid will not be able to catch Barcelona with the signings we have made so far.

We have to realize that this is Mourinho we are talking about. Mourinho has been known from his Chelsea and Inter days, that he does sign a bunch of no names at the end of every season. It is exactly as Harry Redknapp (former Portsmouth manager) once said, “To win titles, you need to have a bunch of good player and a bunch of bad players”.

So there is no point in pointing out that Real Madrid will not be able to emulate the kind of football Barcelona are playing at the moment. As far as catching up goes? Well this argument is dead as hell as well. Real Madrid almost beat Barcelona in all of the 4 Clasico’s in the 2nd half of last season.

Had it not been for the performance of the century given by Barcelona actors and the referee, I think now we would all be talking about how goodRealMadrid are and how good a manger Jose Mourinho is. Everybody would have forgot about Barcelona and their pretty football.

Mourinho is not launching a fresh attack on Barcelona’s superiority by signing players such as Altintop, Sahin and Callejon. Real Madrid already have the squad to do that.

Yes, I agree that step one in stabilizing the club and the current squad was to eliminate one of Valdano and Mourinho. Thankfully, it was Valdano. As that would allow Mourinho to work with some more freedom in the running of sporting matters at Real Madrid.

Real Madrid signed Sahin from Dortmund, Altintop on a bosman deal with Bayern Munich and now Callejon from Espanyol. Obviously these are not players that would get starting spots in Mourinho’s best 11