Leaguelast season with Inter Milan. Also they must have payed attention to his face when Barcelona beat Real Madrid 5-0 at Camp Nou. So it is logical that Barcelona fans were the ones to recognize this Fake Mourinho as Fake.

Mourinho coached Chelsea for 3 years and won a lot of titles there. Many peopleinthe english media are expecting him to return to BPL. I think he will. I think Mourinho thrives in the hot atmosphere that is always surrounding the BPL. Seria A and La Liga are a bit more quiet when compared to BPL.

Mourinho is tipped to replace Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. But when will that happen, no one knows. I for one, would not like it to happen. I would want Mourinho to stay at Real Madrid for at least 6 or 7 years which I know will not happen. But that is what I want. Wants are, in most cases, unrealistic.

What do you guys think? Will Mourinho leave Real Madrid this season.