Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho

No, he is the original one (photo by apaciuto)

Mourinho has a double. Yeah he has one. Who would have guessed it? Well, some could have but I tell you what, I would not be a part of those “some”. His real name is Nacho. Apparently he works for some company named Unibet.

Mourinho or should I say his double or lets just call him “Fake Mourinho” for now was seen at the Champions League final between Manchester United and Barcelona.

First he supported Barcelona but then changed his colors to Manchester United.He fooleda lot of people at Wembley Stadium. Among those ALOT OF PEOPLE, we should not count Barcelona fans as many of the Barcelona fans recognized the Fake Mourinho.

Well, it makes sense that Barcelona fans were not fooled. They must have had a good look at him when he kicked them out of Champions