Real Madrid's Iker Casillas

Casillas remains positive (photo by Jan Solo)

Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas thinks that Real Madrid had a positive season in the year 2010-2011. But warned that Real Madrid should keep on improving their results in order to achieve the maximum number of titles that can be won.

I think the attitude of Real Madrid players, where they think that Real Madrid performed really well and just need to improve on the little things is testament to the performance levels of Real Madrid this season which were quite high. Just not high enough to beat Barcelona in the league and Champions League.

I think people also know that instead of Barcelona, it could have been Real Madrid (easily) with the treble on their name and that is why most people think that Real Madrid can pose significant problems to Barcelona next season even though Barcelona won two of the biggest trophies with considerable ease.

Casillas thinks that if Real Madrid can improve their performances just a little bit then that would be enough for next season. He is quite right. And improvement would mean that Real Madrid would finish top of La Liga table, Real Madrid would make it to the finals of the Champions League and would obviously retain Copa Del Ray.

But in a way he is wrong too. Real Madrid do not need to improve on anything to have a better season next year. I think we are great this season too. Real Madrid just need some more luck, some more time to gel the squad together and some fairness in the decisions of therefereesespecially in big crucial games.

I do not think we need any major signings this season. I think the signings of Sahin, callejon and Altintop are good useful low profile signings. I mean, if we can sign Messi, Rooney or Gerrard then by all means Real Madrid should sign big names. But, as we have seen in the past decade or so, Real Madrid has to spend in the summer no matter what. So to keep up that tradition I think the signing of John Terry or Gael Clichy would be fantastic.

Marcelo is great, but I think he lacks a bit of defensive prowess which made his idol Roberto Carlos a legend. I think Marcelo is great going forward and has significantly improved his game under Mourinho. Before Mourinho, Marcelo was basically a fringe player to be honest.

I for sure though that Mourinhowouldgetridofhimeitherby