donebefore I think under Pepe Guardiola.

What Real Madrid need is self belief and then Real Madrid can easily break this cycle of Barcelona’s dominance. Barcelona, for now, are no doubt the best team in the world but they are not better than Real Madrid.


Here is what Karim Benzema had to say about Barcelona:

“There is absolutely nothing you can do aboutwhatwe saw on Saturday

Barcelona really are a great team to watch. They were superior to Manchester United and dominated the match. United made a good start, but Barcelona were unstoppable once they started playing their own game.

“We beat them in the Copa del Rey final so they can be beaten. However, there’s no doubt that they are a great team.”

And hats off to for repeating certain things a thousand times. Things like, how Barcelona destroyed Manchester United, how to thank Barcelona for giving us the performance of the decade (which is not true by any means) and how Messi, Pedro and Villa scored amazing goals in the finals of the Champions League. Thank you for letting us know countless times in the past 3 days.