Real Madrid's midfielder Khedira

I like Khedira. Great minds think alike lol.

Sami Khedira of Real Madrid thinks that even though Barcelona have won the European crown, it does not mean that they are head and shoulders above the rest of the playing field.

Just what I pointed two a couple of weeks ago that even though everybody is talking about Barcelona and how good they are now a days, the fact is that Real Madrid are within touching distance of Barcelona and that can be proved by the 4 clasico’s played between the two in the second half of the season.

Where Real Madrid had to play with a man lessin virtuallyall of the games. Real Madrid could even have beaten Barcelona in all of the games had the referee been a little bit less biased then he actually was.

Khedira said that:

“Everyone agrees that Barcelona deserved to win the Champions League, but we don’t need to improve much to get to their level,”

“In the [semi-final],we