Hamit Altintop

A utility player (photo by az1124)


Altintop has not even played a single game for Real Madrid and I do not think that he has had a training session with Real Madrid, but even then he has already been influenced by Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho.

Altintop has joined Real Madrid from the Bundesliga as a free agent on a 4 year deal. Free agent? That tells you that he is not going to be one of the key players at Real Madrid. He may be one of the players Jose Mourinho wants to experiment with or he wants him as a good back up player.

According to reports, Altintop is a very versatile player and can literally play inanypart of the field. That is a utility Mourinho likes very much. Even at his previous clubs, he always used to have players who were very versatile in their general play. Of course Mourinho also wants to have specialists, but his focus on players who can do everything is much higher as compared to his rival coaches.

Mourinho probably would have told Altintophis