Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid

Another 13 years? (photo by Jan Solo)

One of the best signings Real Madrid made was not in the form of Ronaldo or Kaka or Benzema or any of these players. Of course these 3 were great signings but for me, many people tend to forget another signing which Real Madrid made from Manchester United.

That was of Valter di Salvo. Manchester United’s fitness coach who joined Real Madrid during Schusters era I think. He was known to be a world class trainer. Had custom made fitness plans for each player and knew how to balance out work and rest so that players do not get injured or exhausted.

Valter Di salvo has said that Ronaldo can play in top flight football till he is 38. Drawing something from his Manchester United days, he said that Ronaldo can be like Giggs in terms of longevity of his career. Ofcourse, Ronaldo is a way better player right now then Giggs ever was.

Valter Di Salvo says that Ronaldo’s professionalism in exemplary. He always works very hard. Never gives up. Rests proper amount of times and measures his food meticulously. He takes great care of his diet and always wants to improve.

Due to these reasons Ronaldo’s fitness levels are superior to anyone else and this gives him the added advantage of being ableto playat a high level well into his 30s. I think if Valter Di Salvo’s prediction is anywhere close to be true then we are in for quite a career.

Whether he plays for Real Madrid during the next 13 years is another question but just think about the shear amount of goals Ronaldo can score. I know at some point he will lose his desire to play and will lose some of his talents but still, this at least gives him some security that he will not be like the old Ronaldo.

Old Ronlado could have achieved even more had he taken care of his fitness a bit more. No, not a bit more, actually a lot more. I mean, old Ronaldo got finished by the time he got 30. Zidaneoncesaidthatyouareatyour