Funny post and pretty much true I guess. Got it from a good friend and I thought you all are going to enjoy reading it.

We all know how Arsenal play their football. Some people call it total football, some call it just football (with no trophies of course). Here are the list of things Arsene Wenger (current Arsenal manager) tells his players during training sessions.

The rules of Wengerball

1. Pass the ball until it reaches the net

2. Do not shoot

3. Do not attempt long shots

4. Pass in triangles and play through balls in your own half which serve no other purpose other than to look pretty

5. No Direct Passes to the lone strikers

6. Don’t think about defending, just attack, attack & attack!

7. Anyone over 26 is not allowed to play for Arsenal Football Club in BPL. He may graduate to Arsenal Seniors or get transfered to another club.

So what did you think about it? This is certainly not the way Real Madrid are ever going to play, not with Mourinho around.