a chance. Plus, he should know better, in Muhammadou Diarra could not make it in Mourinho’s eleven then Gago should not have any delusions about his chances at Real Madrid.

I hope he finds himself a big club to play for. I really liked his style of play when he first came to Real Madrid. He always wants the ball which is a rare quality. This quality can really help a team in away matches where you want someone to take the ball from you and do somethingwithit no matter how nervous the whole team feels.

Gago is also a very clever defender. I have seen very few players who can predict, with accuracy, what an attacker is about to do. Gago was excellent at this and rarely got beat in one on one situation. Though, at Real Madrid, as he got less and less playing time, Gago also got worse and worse.

I think Mourinho does not like his built. DMs are supposed to be big and ugly. Gago is a little bit the opposite. The Diarra decision made by Mourinho is something I did not like at first but lets be pragmatic. He was not going to get enough playing time at Real Madrid since Khedira, Alonso and Lassana Diarra were playing extremely well in those positions.

Gago I think would fit in nicely with a big Italian club. I do not think he will be successful in the EPL, he does not have that kind of a pace nor the intensity. PSV are said to be interested in him. It all depends on what Real Madrid’s asking price is for Gago.