one was touch and go since the keeper had to guess one way or the other but the 2nd goal from Messi was pure regulation.

Van Der Saar’s huge structure did not help him there at all. He was not able to get down quickly enough. Casillas I think would have had that saved 9 times out of 10.

This does not necessarily mean that Messi cannot shoot well. It is just that, his shooting is not up to the level of his rivals like Ronaldo and Rooney.Hecan dribble like hell, no doubt. He beat the bejesus out of Manchester United’s defenders tonight and as I said in the previous post, the final was a let down really.

Perhaps, everyone should have been expecting that (apart from Barcelona fans, who rightly thought that Barcelona would stroll through the final and win another Champions League crown) Barcelona would have a pretty much easy game on their hands. Real Madrid could not do much damage to Barcelona so I think it was unfair on Manchester United to expect them to give Barcelona some sort of a scare.

Well, this once again shows that only Real Madrid (amongst the Elite clubs of European football) can match and beat Barcelona. The rest of the field are just way behind Barcelona at the moment. I am not saying Real Madrid could beat everyone in Europe but Real Madrid can certainly beat Barcelona as Real Madrid showed in the last 4 clasicos of the 2010-2011 season.