Messi with the number 10 jersey

Messi can dribble well, but for shooting? Well..

Ok. Barcelona have won the Champions League by beating Manchester United. 2 of the 3 goals scored by Barcelona can and must be attributed to Lionel Messi. Villa’s finish was no doubt magnificent for the 3 rd goal after some hard work done on the left side by Messi.

But what the heck was Nani doing, marking Messi on the left back position. That is something strange, well does not matter now.

About the 2nd goal scored by Messi for Barcelona. What on earth happened to Van Der Saar. I mean, it was obviously obvious that Barcelona were targeting the left hand of Van Der Saar. May be he is not as quick on that side as he is with his right hand.

But the shot from Lionel Messi, though powerful, was almost straight down the middle. Why the heck did Van Der Saar not even get a touch on the ball is somethingthatneeds to be addressed. Messi was allowed far too much space. He is a great player and he will punish people for leaving him unmarked.

That goal was I think a bit too easy for Lionel Messi. I think Barcelona did their homework pretty well on Van Der Saar. For both of the 1st two goals of Barcelona, he was wrong footed and basically forced to watch the ball go by into the net.

I can say with 90 percent confidence that Casillas would have saved the first two goalsscoredbyBarcelona.Maybethefirst