Chicharito of Mexico
He could play for Real Madrid (photo by americanistadechipas)

Even though he has had a great season with Manchester United, Javier Hernandez is still being linked with Real Madrid. The 22 year old started his career at Manchester United in July of 2010 and less than a year later, he is being linked to a move away from Manchester United.

That is quite interesting. I thought Real Madrid would not be looking for a striker this season but reports have suggested otherwise. We have been linked with a move for Adebayor. No offense but Adebayor is just not Real Madrid stuff yet. I mean, he wastes a lot of chances and has a very limited game.

He cannot put a foot right after he takes a long ball onto his chest and thus has to pass the ball to someone else, almost every time he receives the ball. That I think will always work against him. He needs to develop some dribbling skills in order to take on defenders and create danger.

Anyway, Hernandez has scored 20 goals in 44 games this season with Manchester United which is quite impressive. He has just arrived in a new country, new team, new league and a new coach. It is not always easy to adapt this well.

What bothers me is that, his goals are team goals. There is no guarantee that he willbeas successful at Real Madrid as he currently is at Manchester United. With Real Madrid, you have to do a lot of work by yourself. Team players are not always liked here at Real Madrid.

I do not think Jose Mourinho (in his right mind) would give a green signal to Chicharito. I don’t think Real Madrid need his kind of player and quite frankly, it is just his first season and a goal tally of less than 0.5 is not good enough for Real Madrid to be paying millions for this guy.

I think Real Madrid should instead work on forming a balanced squad with Benzema and Higuain in mind. Both are fantastic strikers and both