Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho

Mourinho at Real Madrid, like Hitler at Germany

Former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon is at it again. He has given an interview in which he talked extensively about the current Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho. Calderon also had a thing or two to say about the current Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

Ramon Calderon has been known to make big statements since his departure from the club. Last time I checked, he also said that he signed C.Ronaldo, not Florentino Perez. Just about everything good about Real Madrid right now is due to him, according to Ramon Calderon.

Calderon has compared Jose Mourinho with Hitler of Germany. Now I have not taken world history as a subject, ever but I do know that hitler killed a lot of people. Mourinho has not killed anyone (obviously), so to compare to personalities of different nature is unfair I think.

Ok, it might be true that both have somethings in common. Like both want to be in complete control of the things they are involved in and as far as I can tell, both do not like to be lead. They both know how to lead.

Anyway, enough with the comparisons. Do not even know why Calderon would compare such a figure with Mourinho. Calderon previously had said that Mourinho has damaged the reputation of Real Madrid and even now, he did not have anything good to say about theRealMadrid coach.

He said “You can have millions of fans cheering for you, but Hitler was also acclaimed by millions of people before he took a tumble

May be Calderon is bothered about the fact that Mourinho has the backing of the club and the Real Madrid fans despite the fact that we could not win La Liga or beat Barcelona or win Champions League. I think the main reason for that is, we all know that Mourinho knows what he is doing. He has a plan. He aims to show his magic to us in the next season which I think he will.

He has formed a formidable team which can fight for titles till the very ending stages of the season and I think Mourinho is going to deliver next season.

Calderon however didnothaveenoughandhealsoremarked