Valdano listening to some lecture of some sorts

Valdano leaves Real Madrid,3rd person from the right (photo by Universidad europa de Madrid)

Oh My GOD! This is huge. Jorge Valdano, Real Madrid sporting director (or whatever he is) has left Real Madrid. I have been waiting for this moment the day since Mourinho arrived at Real Madrid. Word has it that they both did not get along with each other.

Finally Perez decided that Valdano was bringing his personal matters into the running of the club and sacked him. Thank you Perez. Even though Perez would say he did not want to and Mourinho had no say in it. The fact is, Mourinho did it, Mourinho kicked Valdanoout ofReal Madrid for which I am grateful to him.

Valdano was a superb negotiator but I think this time, his agenda was to oppose Mourinho and that was hurting the club. I think Perez has made a wise decision to let go of Valdano instead of Mourinho. Right after La Liga ended, rumors had it that either Mourinho will be at the club next season or Valdanoand