is completely useless, I mean, Ronaldo missed some easy pies against Barcelona as well (return leg this years Champions League Semi Final at Camp Nou).

For me, I would stick with Benzema and let Adebayor leave. I think Benzema is young and can still improve. People are saying that he had a horrible season last season and the fact is that he was not given enough playing time. But, he still has ended up with 26 goals which is a pretty good return. Especially given the fact that Mourinho rarely gave him the confidence of being a starter every game.

In other news, Xabi Alonso has explained why he leftAnfield.Apparently, he talked with Rafa Benitez at the end of the season (in which he arrived at Real Madrid, 2008 was it?) and Rafa told him that they were looking to sign Gareth Barry to replace Alonso. Even though Alonso was the absolute player of the season for Liverpool.

Real Madrid's playmaker Xabi Alonso

Xabi Alonso explains his side of the story

Xabi Alonso did not like the idea of being used to raise funds for other players. He thought he was really important to Liverpool and Benitez. Luckily, Real Madrid bought Xabi for 30 million British pounds. That is a heck a lot of money. But, given the performances Xabi Alonso has displayed so far, I think he has justified every penny paid for him.

I think Spanish players generally have difficulty in living in England. You know, markets gets closed really early, around 6 or 7 pm in some places. The weather is cold and rainy. Two things, spaniards never enjoy and thus it was inevitable that Xabi Alonso would leave Liverpool for a spanish club.

Fabregas is also rumored to be, heading for Barcelona. More on that in some other post as that is one transfer I would love Barcelona to make. Ok, that is about it for now. HALA MADRID!!!