Karim Benzema of Real Madrid tries to get away from the defender

Will Benzema leave for the Gunners? (photo by Jan Solo)

Arsenal apparently want to sign Karim Benzema from Real Madrid, for God knows what amount. One thing that we can predict from the past is that Arsenal are not known as heavy spenders. They are more like, heavy sellers. A selling club, so I do not understand the reason why Wenger had to make the comments that he did make.

Apparently, Wenger is a huge admirer of Benzema and thinks that Karim Benzema is one of the best strikers in the world. Wenger was very particular about Karim Benzema’s work ethic and his positioning relative to his teammates. He thinks this gives Benzema a clear advantage over other fellow strikers in world football.

Benzema’s agent has outright denied that Karim Benzema wants to leave Real Madrid. He says that Benzema is happy at Real Madrid and wants to play every game with the same energy and enthusiasm. Though, reports say that Real Madrid want to extend Adebayor’s stay and that is why they want to sell Benzema in order to fund Adebayor’s contract.

Real Madrid want to buy him on a permanent basis. We all know Mourinho’s soft corner for big, strong and tall strikerswhocan hold up the ball at the front and wait for the teammates to arrive and make a play out of nothing. I think, to beat Barcelona, Real Madrid are going to have to deploy the tactic of playing long balls to Adebayor and then pushing Ronaldo and Maria down the wings to attack Barcelona’s full backs.

Otherwise, I do not see the point of signinig Adebayor and selling Benzema. Benzema has got way more potential and is much more clinical when it comes to taking chances 1 v 1 with the keeper. Adebayor is a horrible chance to goal converter. He missed some sitters in many games and should have scored a couple against Barcelonaaswell.Nottosaythathe