like Diarra and Khedira, why Mourinho wanted another one.

May be Mourinho just wants to add depth into the squad on the cheap. Real Madrid signed Altintop on free transfer and because he is in the twilight of his career, he would not ask for too much first team action.

I think Mourinho has got his vision all setup nicely for next season, I think he has cracked Barcelona’s game and it isonlya matter of time before Real Madrid start beating them again on a regular basis. Barcelona cannot get any stronger and reports say that Messi has been having trouble with Guardiola lately.

Apparently Messi did not like the idea of playing as a substitute in the last few games of the season because he wanted to get ahead of Ronaldo in terms of goals scored in a single season.

Guardiola rested him and hence he could not do that and Ronaldo did indeed pass him. Guardiola perhaps was trying to protect Messi for the upcoming Champions League final. Anyway, point is, Real Madrid are going to be a mammoth for next season as I think the team is finally starting to gel together.

With no major arrival or departure this summer, I think Real Madrid fans are going to enjoy next season a lot. HALA MADRID!!!