Real Madrid player Oezil

By Sadhansay from flickr

Real Madrid playmaker Mesut Oezil thinks that Real Madrid will be better than Barcelona next season. I do not think that he said that just to boost team morale.

I think Real Madrid will be better than Barcelona next season and there are a lot of reasons for that. One of them is, Real Madrid’s team chemistry is going to further increase and this will make Real Madrid play as a single unit rather than a group of stars.

Real Madrid almost matched Barcelona this season except for the first game of the season against Barcelona and in fact Real Madrid were better than Barcelona in all the other games that took place this season.

Real Madrid did not get beat by Barcelona while Real Madrid had11men on the field. For next season Jose Mourinho is probably going to try for Terry, the Chelsea center back and I think he will be a great addition to our squad. As far as Pepe goes, I think Mourinho wants to use him as a defensive midfielder, at least against Barcelona.

The signing of Altintop is a bit out of place for me. I mean we have young bloods like Gago and Grenaro in that position, not to mentionveterans