Madrid away from signing him. I think Real Madrid has enough strength of strikers already, Callejon has also arrived.

Mourinho does not really like Aguero type of forwards. He mostly likes, pure pace players or people who can hold up the ball. Aguero is a little bit in between thetwoextremes and I do not think Mourinho will be looking to sign his kind of a player, at least for this season.

Real Madrid has Benzema so I do not really see the need to splash another 50 million for Aguero when there is already so much depth of attacking players at Real Madrid. Do not forget that Higuain is still pretty young and he is pretty damn good. He will be wanting to have first team action next season as well.

What do you guys think? You think we need Aguero? Or do you think that Real Madrid should just make up with a player like Terry or Gerrard. HALA MADRID!!!