Mourinho giving orders


Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho finally broke his silence yesterday. In an interview yesterday the Real Madrid manager said that he would hope that things change rather quickly on the side of UEFA.

What obviously he was referring to was his ban and how biased and unfair it was. Jose Mourinho expressed his disappointed in the behavior shown to him by UEFA and apparently will take a case to other authorities.

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho also said that he was looking forward to the next season and he was happy with the attitude of the players this season. But you could clearly see the unsatisfied way he said those things, I think he dearly wanted to win the Champions League or the League this (finished) season with Real Madrid.

But obviously he could notdo sobecause of Barcelona being so brilliant this season. By brilliant I just do not mean, in terms of playing the game with a ball but also in every aspect of the word. Brilliant actors and brilliant football players.

I have been getting a lot of hate mail now a days but I just want to remove the misconception amongst many people that, Real Madrid people think that Barcelona are no good.

No, that is not the case. Barcelona are