Barcelona not too far ahead of Real Madrid

From Flickr: Jexweber

I know Barcelona have won the La Liga, I know Barcelona were in the final of the Copa Del Ray and I know that they will put on a good show against Manchester United in the finals of the Champions League in about a weeks time.

But lets not just get too ahead of ourselves and think of Barcelona as some dream team on level 20 with Real Madrid being the closest to them at level 14. I think it is about Real Madrid at level 19 and Barcelona on level 20. I think this was pretty apparent in the 4 clasico’s that were played just a month ago in which Real Madrid played only a single match with 11 men against Barcelona and lost only once to the so called invincible Barcelona in 4 matches even though Real Madrid never really played 11 v 11 against Barcelona.

Anyway, it could have been so different for 3 reasons which are:

  1. Real Madrid could have easily beaten Barcelona had Raul Albiol not made that stupid mistake in the first of the four clasico’s in thesecondhalf of the season. The match ended in 1-1 draw at the Bernabeu with Real Madrid playing most of the match with 10 men. Ronaldo hit the post with a brilliant free kick and that could have easily gone in which would have given Real Madrid the win over Barcelona.
  2. Lets not even talk about the cheats of Barcelona and how they cheated Real Madrid out of this year’s Champions League edition. Real Madrid should have drawn the game 0-0 at Bernabeu and we all saw what happened to Barcelona at Camp Nou when they came up against RealMadrid11v11inamatch