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UPDATE: Real Madrid also out witted Barcelona in the Copa Del Ray final but sadly my cable provider could not broadcast that match and hence, it is going to take a little bit before I review that, from what I have seen on youtube, it was little bit the same as in the Clasico two weeks ago. Real Madrid defended well and hit on the counter with Ronaldo scoring a superb header from a cross by Di Maria after he had a great one two pass with Marcelo on the left hand side of the field.

What a match it was. Real Madrid vs Barcelona, this time was a very evenly contested match. 1-1 it ended. Messi and Ronaldo scored a penalty each to level the scoreline. It has to be said though that throughout the match Real Madrid defended like seasoned Italians and Barcelona attacked like born Brazillians.

Barcelona’s tactics in this game were a bit questionable. Messi, most of the time, playedin thecenter of the midfield when his best position is the left flank down the line and that is the position where he could have hurt Marcelo and consequently Real Madrid a lot.

Instead, what we saw was Denial Alves taking on Marcelo and obviously that did not turn out to be as effective as it would have been had Messi played on the left. Anyhow, Barcelona attacked from the first minute till the 70nth minute after which Real Madrid also started to take a lot of chances .

I think Real Madrid was thebetterofthetwosides.Ithink