Ok. So today is the day. Draws are going to be out by the end of the day for the UEFA Champions League Quarter finals and boy are we all looking forward to them or what.

Quite honestly. I think Real Madrid would want to avoid Barcelona and all the other big teams. Yeah, as good as Real Madrid are, I think we need a bit more time to get to the levels of Chelsea, Manchester United and Barcelona.

I think the match against Schalke or Totenahm would be a nice one. That will enable us to go through the semi finals of the champions league after a very long time indeed and at that stage of the tournament anything can happen.

Mourinho says that we wants to avoid Chelsea or Inter. Two teams he has coached before so this tells me that the only reason he wants to avoid them is because of his past relationshipswiththe clubs and has nothing to do with sporting issues because if that was the case, I think the number one team that he would want to avoid (in fact every team would want to avoid) is Barcelona.

Barcelona is probably the best side of this generations not only by the quality of the talent that they have in their team but by also the large size of their ground. Let us be honest. CampNou