Jose Mourinho giving orders

The Real Madrid coach always has a surprise or two up his sleeve

Ok this one is going to be a quick one as I have to prepare for Real Madrid vs Lyon clash. You know the drill so I will not take the liberty of describing the rituals that we all follow before a big match like this one.

News have emerged that Ronaldo might not start and even if he does, he would only be able to play 60 minutes. That means two things. One, Real Madrid is going to need to score first and two, Real Madrid is going to need to score quickly before times runs out and in the end we are left with Adebayor and Benzema so supply us with all that important goal.

No offense but Adebayor and Benzema are still not Champions League legends. They do (at least onmostnights) flop in big games and that particularly holds true for Adebayor. If Mourinho signs him permanently come the end of the season, then this would be the biggest mistake that he is going to make at Real Madrid (I am assuming here that Mourinho stays as the head coach for the next season as well).

Among other news. Again the rumor as surfaced that Sergio Ramos is likely to leave Real Madrid and join Chelseaat