just give the ball to Ronaldo to do some magic. That is not particularly a good thing.

The absence of Ronaldo might also make Lyon a bit complacent as they are likely to think that the lightning pace from Real Madrid’s attack is now gone and that can play into Real Madrid’s hand.

In the end, I think I would rather have Ronaldo in my side rather than a Adebayor or Grenaro, so I am quite confident that Mourinho will not be taking any chances and will start with Ronaldo. Not saying thathewill play Ronaldo for the whole of 90 minutes.

I think this game is going to decide if Mourinho stays at Real Madrid or not. Perez and all Real Madrid fans desperately want to get rid of this round of 16 (and to some extent, round of 16 vs Lyon) curse and I think I speak for everyone here, is that Real Madrid signed Jose Mourinho to get Real Madrid out of this mess.

Mourinho was given a huge budget just because of this reason. And I will not mention the consequences of another loss to Lyon in the Round of 16. You know, all the coach changing, the player changing, the president changing drama that hits Real Madrid so badly at the end of every season.

That can all be avoided with this single victory as I think the confidence Real Madrid players will gain from this match (if won) will get them through to at least the semi’s and may be even beyond.

What do you guys think? Is the match against Lyon the moment of truth for Real Madrid or do you still think that it is more important to beat Barcelona for the title and the Copa Del Ray?