Real Madrid vs Lyon

Can Real Madrid finally get through

Ok guys, this is it. This is the moment we all have been waiting for. Less than 24 hours left for Real Madrid to meet their fate. When you come to think of it, this match is one of the major reasons why Jose Mourinho was signed by Real Madrid.

This match is the reason why Ronaldo was bought, why Kaka was bought, why Benzema was bought and why Perez brought in his billions to invest in Real Madrid.

Real Madrid hold a slight advantage in the sense that we have an away goal. One lapse in concentration in the first leg cost us a goal which led to a score line of 1-1. At 0-1, with the home leg remaining, Real Madrid would have been the sure favourties to go through but that is thing with Champions League football, you have to be in the zone for 180 minutes otherwise you end up on the loosing side no matter how good you played in certain patches of the game.

Good news for Real Madrid must be that our center defensive unitisnow fully fit with Pepe heading the charge. We do need someone with his physical presence and a hot head. Ronaldo is also fit to play the match but we do not really know if Mourinho is going to play him from the start.

Because quite frankly, a couple of matches with Ronaldo has lead to believe that Real Madrid are not that weak of a side without Ronaldo because the absence of Ronaldo motivates other players to gel with each other more and use team moves rather than individual talent to get the goals.

The presenceofRonaldoaloneforcesotherplayersto