Lionel Messi of Barcelona, Real Madrid's fiercest rivals

Messi has really surprised me this time

I was looking through some statistics of some of the best attacking players of the past decade and found some pretty interesting statistics. Amongst many surprises, the most shocking one was, who has the best goals to match ratio of the last decade or so. I picked some random names (which are generally the names that pops up in ones head when thinking about best attacking players of the past decade). So lets just dive into them but do keep in mind that even a goal/match ratio difference of 0.1 is considerable. It is not like the amount of goals you have scored, so do not expect the differences to be like in the hundreds or something.

Goals/match ratio for some of the best attacking players in the past decade: (along with some of my comments)

  1. Lionel Messi (0.67)
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo (0.48) (was not really a goal scoring threat in his early days)
  3. Ronaldo(o.68).Imaginewhat he would have done had it not been for all those injuries and fitness issues.
  4. Thierry Henry(0.51) .Expected
  5. Van Nistelrooy(0.61). Really surprised at that one
  6. Dennis Bergkamp(0.36). Dont know why I put his name in the list of random names, but I think it is down to the fact that arsenal fans just look up to him as someone who was just a great player. Well, he wasn’t. He was a very good player. Nothing more and nothing less.
  7. Xavi(0.09). 1 up for RealMadrid
  8. kaka(0.34).Foranattackingmidfielderthat