Good news everybody. Ronaldo will be match fit for our clash against Lyon in the next week or so. Actually he is pretty fit right now for Hercules match too but Jose Mourinho does not want to rush him. Ronaldo’s recovery has been unexpectedly quick as he works hard on himself and takes very good care of his body.

All the work that he might have done years ago are paying off right now as that work has enabled him to recover quickly from his injuries. Just to mention, he already gets a lot less injuries than some of the other players who get hacked down every time they touch the ball so that is anothercreditthat goes to Ronaldo that he has been able to keep himself strong enough to resist dangerous challenges that he gets all that often.

That is by the way a complete turnaround from his namesake Ronaldo (brazillian) who was NOT known for his fitness (as he did his job with his feet). Thisis