sense that in many tough matches we have found our key players either injured or suspended. This time of the season we needed our two key players, Ronaldo and kaka, the most and both are not in the best shape of their lives. Kaka is being rumored to be leaving Real Madrid while Ronaldo is recovering from an injury he picked up last week and let us just hope that he makes it to the Lyon clash fit and fresh

3.Barcelona have been playing too well thisseason.That is as plain as that. Either Barcelona are playing very well this season and when that is not the case then the opponents are gifting them goals in order to give them the 3 points.

4. Lionel Messi has been saving Barcelona in the late stages of important matches while there is no one at Real Madrid to do the same kind of thing when we are in trouble.

5. Jose Mourinho has not had the full backing of the administration in terms of the players he wants and the players he does not want. He also has not had the facility of having the whole squad at his disposal for use. One time or another, there is always a key player injured, do not know what Real Madrid fitness staff is being paid for.

But still there is hope. We can beat Barcelona at our home and that will cut their lead down. A couple of draws from Barcelona on top of parallel Real Madrid wins would certainly do the trick.

What are your thoughts on the season so far for Real Madrid? Get your voice out.