cakeif Real Madrid beat Barcelona in the Copa Del Ray final too.

2. Real Madrid can wish that Barcelona somehow loose points or at the least loose Lionel Messi, who is supplying Barcelona with infinite potential of scoring goals at will.

3. Ronaldo can step it up a notch at Real Madrid with some more goals. Currently he is injured. I think, another way RealMadridcan save their season (not in terms of trophies though) is to have some sort of a team chemistry in the squad. With all the new faces, very few of the players can link with each other specially when Real Madrid is attacking. So it would be a plus for the new season that we have some kind of a gelling amongst the players, that in itself would be an achievement that would make this season a little less than a complete failure assuming that Real Madrid manage to win nothing in the end.

Apart from that, I think Real Madrid should really focus on Champions League now as that is the primary goal for any Real Madrid side and was the prime motivation behind signing Jose Mourinho as Real Madrid’s coach.