Santiago Bernabeu of Real Madrid

Real Madrid can make something out of this season

We all know the situation with Real Madrid this season. We are 2nd in the league and in the Copa Del Ray final after a very very long time and in order to win that trophy we need to beat none other than Barcelona. Barcelona are going at a rate that was unimaginable before in terms of scoring goals and annihilating teams. They just annihilated Arsenal (a fact which I referred to in my previous post) and I was reading some statistics today and I found out that Arsenal had a grand total of ZERO shots on goals against Barcelona in their match at the Camp Nou a few days ago.

Anyway,thataside. Here are the 3 ways I think Real Madrid can save their season (because apparently, Arsenal’s season is as good as over now):

1. Real Madrid can somehow manage to defeat Barcelona and not only beat them, thrash them, then even if we do not win the league, many of the fans (not me) will be satisfied and it would really be icing on the