A lot has happened since my last post (in fact a whole a lot of things have happened since I last posted on the blog) but you know, university and with it all the p-sets along with the exams just kills you.

Anyway, getting to the point quickly in this short post. Barcelona fans might be in for a surprise as Real Madrid have qualified for the Copa Del Ray final and that means that after a long time we will see not 2 but 3 El Clasico’s in one season and with Real Madrid going strong in Europe as well, who knows we might be having a fourth one this season in the near future and in the final of the Champions League.

But before all that. We must consider some facts and those are many amongst which the most important one is the one related to Jose Mourinho. I do not know what is happening behind the scenes but reportssaythat he is definitely going to leave Real Madrid at the end of the season.

Apparently Mourinho’s record so far has not been up to the standards of what was expected of him and Real Madrid find themselves 7 points behind league leaders Barcelona who have attained (as the papers said the other day) an “unattainable standard of football”.

Real Madrid will be facing Barcelona in the Cup final sothere