Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo's hat trick keeps Real Madrid alive in the title race

Real Madrid won 4-2 over Villareal. Or let me put that another way, Real Madrid won against a stubborn Villareal. I mean, they put 10 men behind the ball and defended deep and tried to close us down really quickly and (lots of AND’s, I know) tried to bully Ronaldo but no one messes with Ronaldo at the Bernabeu.

Both of Villareal’s goals were class goals, I ll give them that. First one was an extremely neat finish from a tight angle and the 2nd goal was a touch of class with a chip over Casillas but that does not mean that Real Madrid defense was under no fault. They were and that is why they conceded.

In conclusion, I would say Khedira played really well and he was probably our man of the match apart from Ronaldo because Khedira changed the game in the midfield and that allowed Ronaldo a bit more freedom in terms of his attacking plan.

The disappointment from this game is only Diarra. I rated him very high previously but looking at his last few performances, I think he is not up to the mark. I know he has not been playing that much butthat isno excuse under Mourinho. If Mourinho gives you an opportunity then you must avail it and now I do not think Mourinho will trust Diarra and he might as well sell him to make way for Gago or Muhammadou Diarra.

Ronaldo scored 3 goals which puts him 3 ahead of Messi and that is great news for me. Ronaldo assisted Kaka in the fourth goal as well but that whole move was brought into existence by the pass Kaka made initially in the midfield to Ronaldo. Ronaldo was by far our most efficient player but he also missed a sitter in the second half when we were a goal down.

I was also not very happy withthewayRealMadridtriedtoplay