Barcelona.Barcelona are currently 5 points ahead of us and we need to win in order to cut that margin down to 2 points. Villareal are placed third and are deservingly 3rd best team in La Liga.

There main player would be Carzola and Nilmar. Both are immense variety of trickery in their arsenal so our defenders need to be in good form in order to avoid conceding an early goal.

Real Madrid mustnotlet Barcelona run away with the league title, we must remain 2 points behind them at least as that would give us a chance to beat Barcelona at Bernebeu and then regain the top spot as well. I think Barcelona will not be dropping points easily from now on, I think they just have too much talent in their squad for that.

Villa is scoring, Xavi is playing well, Iniesta is playing well and Messi as we all know, it is just ridiculous how a player can perform at such a level for so long and in each and every game. I mean when was the last time Messi had a bad game or even a normal game, if he does not score, he makes goals and if he does not make goals then he makes sure he scores plenty of them.

Anyway, I predict Real Madrid to win by 3-2 tonight. Let me know your thoughts as well.