Portugal and Real Madrid forward Ronaldo after scoring a goal

c.Ronaldo is hunting Messi down since the beginning (Source: From flickr Jan Solo)

Barcelona might have won 2-1 at the weekend and this is true as well that they are 2 points ahead of Real Madrid but today’s post is about our man Ronaldo of Real Madrid. Real Madrid won against Getafe away from home 2-3 and Ronaldo scored twice.

Messi was rested for the Barcelona game so he did not get a chance to score any goals. Ronaldo took this opportunity well by scoring a neat but simple brace which has helped him to draw level in terms of goals scored in all competitions this season with Lionel Messi.

Now Messi has scored 27 goals in 24 game in all competitions while Ronaldo has scored 27 goals in 26 games so far this season but as I told you before, Ronaldo’s goals have been generally been more impressive than Messi’s but the biggest edge that Lionel Messi has over Ronaldo is that Messi tends to save his best for the grand games. His best can only be seenat thebig stages.

That is where I think Ronaldo fails miserably and that is where I think, in ten years time, Messi will be remembered alongside soccer legends like Ronaldo, Pele, Maradonna, Zidane and Cruyff while Ronaldo will just be another Figo or Baggio.

Unless Ronaldo improves his performances against the big guns, I do not think he can be crowned the best player in the world and that is another area in which he will continue to come second best only to Messi UNLESS, he improves his game against bigger teams.