Ronaldo trying hard in Portugal as well as for Real Madrid

He is not a quitter

I know everyone has their own opinions about who is better between Ronaldo and Messi and I must admit that now a days about 80 percent of the people (including coaches and fans alike) know that Messi has more potential than Ronaldo, both in terms of scoring goals and reaching new heights.

Messi can and obviously will make records and will break records. Scoring goals is like having a little bit of fun while playing for him. Where Ronaldo is working his socks off to get a sniff at the goal, Messi just dribbles past 3 or 4 defenders to get himself a goals almost every game.

Infact, Messi averages more than a goal per game this season and has 27 goals already and the season is only half gone. He can easilymakeit pass 50 this term if he does not get some major injury. Last two seasons he has scored something like 30 and 40 goals respectively and his scoring form seems to increase exponentially.

Add to that the fact that Messi has more assists than anyone else but despite all these feats, I think Ronaldo is getting his fare share of attention when it comes to scoring goals and making assists.

Ronaldo has basicallyscored